Located at: Sebastianstrasse, corner of Luckauer, Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

Political activist, artist (* 1989, Norilsk, Russia)

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In 2007, Nadezhda became a member of the Russian art group, Voina, which strikes with very provocative and political interventions. Since 2011, Nadezhda – by now mother of a three-year-old daughter – has been part of the feminist punk-rock collective Pussy Riot. The group stages anti-church and anti-government guerrilla performances in public places, wearing colorful clothes and balaclavas.

Pussy Riot attracted worldwide attention in February 2012, by performing a "punk prayer" in Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral. Nadezhda and two other members were arrested and charged during the following weeks. All around the world people declared their solidarity with them. After 6 months in custody, the three women were convicted of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" and sentenced to two years in a penal camp. The trial and sentence engendered criticism internationally and were interpreted as "excessive" and "politically motivated".

After Nadezhda protested with a hunger strike against the labor and prison conditions in the camp, she got relocated. Her current whereabouts are unknown.