Starting point and tips for the witch-hunt!

Below you find the location of the first witch. Here are some practical tips before you set out to the hunt:

  • The witch-hunt is going to happen in Berlin-Kreuzberg and will take about one hour by foot.
  • If you have a smartphone, take your headphones along, and you might want to install a QR code reader! If you don’t have a smartphone simply take a city map with you.
  • A couple of months after we installed the #WitchHuntBerlin, we can't guarantee, that the posters are still hanging. In case you arrive at a spot and the witch is gone, look out for orange leaflets on the lampposts nearby, or click the help button on the website of the current witch!
  • And finally: If you have, take some matches with you. (During the process of printing, a particular color was used that allows – as if by witchcraft – the ignition of matches on the actual posters.)

Enjoy the witch-hunt!

(Biographies read by Dolly Demoratti.)