Antony Hegarty

Singer, songwriter and artist (* 1971, Chichester, England)

At 10 years old, Antony moved from England to Amsterdam and later to California with his family. His early stylistic evolution was influenced by role models such as Boy George and Marc Almond and he later came to describe himself as transgender.

In 1990, he began studying experimental theatre and moved to Manhattan. There, he immersed himself deeply into the underground scene in New York City, which then led to the foundation of the wild, avant-garde drag ensemble, The Blacklips Performance Cult, in 1992. Later in 1997, after several years and many late-night acts in bars, the singer known for his unique voice, founded the band Antony and the Johnsons, a name chosen as a tribute to the transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson.

The release of their debut album in 2000 allowed his music to eventually expand from a subcultural niche to a wider audience. Lou Reed became one of his early supporters and took Antony on tour. Wherever he can, Antony advocates for environmental awareness and calls to change to a matriarchial social system.


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